How does the refund process work (for the consumer)?

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The key point here is that the transaction is between the consumer and the Retailer, and PayJustNow is the payment method. 

Some of our retail partners have the ability to process a refund to your PayJustNow instalment plan on your order directly, others send us a Refund Instruction. In both cases this is when they (The merchant) are satisfied that their return policy conditions have been met. 

Once our system receives the refund transaction it will assess what the value of the refund is relative to your payment schedule. 

Please be sure to understand what the retailer's refund policy is. 

  • Most brands won't deduct delivery fees from a refund value, but some do deduct delivery fees.
  • Some brands that offer free delivery for orders over a certain value, may charge for delivery/collection on returns. 
  • Sadly, when this is overlooked, the first impression is that we have not properly refunded the order. 

How will you get your refund?

Update September 2023

Introducing the PayJustNow wallet!

  • Instant refund to your wallet.

  • No more waiting! Funds available to spend immediately! 

  • Seamless payments using funds in your wallet.

We get it—returns happen. But why should you have to wait days to get your money back? With traditional refunds, it's out of your cart and out of sight for 3–5 days. 

Say hello to the PayJustNow Wallet! ? When you process a refund, your money is back in your Wallet instantly. No more waiting. No more frustration.

Want to get back to shopping? Your Wallet balance is ready to spend across our entire PayJustNow network, right away. You can finally say goodbye to those annoying refund delays and keep the shopping spree going! 

Why wait for your own money? With PayJustNow, you don't have to.

How the refund is calculated and processed?

If your whole order is being refunded, we refund all the instalments that we have collected. For example if you have only paid your first instalment, then we refund that instalment and cancel the outstanding (still to be collected) instalments.

If part of your order is refunded, we first cancel outstanding instalments or edit their value to match the new transaction value after the refund is applied. Only then will we refund instalments that we have collected if you are owed more for the refund than you have already paid.

When a refund is processed the value refunded back to you will be credited to your PayJustNow Wallet. Instantly!

Typically, when a refund is processed each instalment is paid back to the card that was used to make the payment. 

We refunded instantly, but in most cases the funds took anywhere from 3 to 5 days to reflect in your bank account. this is why we introduced the PayJustNow Wallet. We need to keep our operation lean, so you can continue to enjoy PayJustNow 100% Interest and Fee free!

Remember, we don't store your bank card or bank account details, so we can only process a withdrawal from your wallet if you reach out to us on Check out  Wallet withdrawal.

Good to know! (expiring 20 September 2023)

The refund will be processed no more than 4 working days from the time the retailers send us the instruction.

  1. Tyme bank refunds are NOT automatically allocated by Tyme Bank. If you used a Tyme bank card and received notification of a refund, please contact Tyme bank ASAP so that they can look for your refund.
  2. Refunds to Discovery Bank cards are same day. All other banks still bank in batches, so it takes a little longer.  
  3. Refunding a Capitec card - you will get an SMS from your bank straight away, but the funds take up to 3 days to reflect. 
  4. All the other banks take between 3 - 5 working days to post the credit from their batches, to your account.  

NB: If your instalment is going to be debited whilst you are going through the refund process, you are still responsible for your payments to PayJustNow associated with that purchase until the refund is calculated and applied to your instalment plan.

  1. If the store’s return policy does not allow refunds to the original form of payment? you are still responsible for your payments to PayJustNow associated with that purchase. Including, but not limited to: 
  2. They only allow store credit, or
  3. They have a policy to refund you directly.

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